For what is currently known, Sims can get wounds by failing a hunt or a fistfight. It's unkown if they can be healed by the physician or not.

  • ??? - Failing to hunt a bear.
  • Punched - Participating in a Fistfight (-10 Focus)
  • Lost a Fistfight - Losing a Fistfight (-10 Focus)


After being exposed to sickness, Sims will develop a random illness. Illnesses are categorized as being minor, moderate, or major, depending on whether they cause -10, -20, or -30 Focus. Illnesses can be cured by drinking tonics or visiting a physician.

Despite their unique descriptions, all the illnesses appear to behave exactly the same.

Minor IllnessesEdit

  • Laughing Stock - Seems to cause uncontrollable laughter.
  • Slight Cold - The generic minor illness.
  • Whistling Pixies - Possibly feels like a strong head cold.

Moderate IllnessesEdit

  • Noxious Infection - The generic moderate illness.
  • Twisted Tongues - Causes the victim's tongue to swell, become numb, or both, giving them a severe lisp.
  • Van Winklism - (Sim name) is infected with Van Winklism. Zzzzzz...

Major IllnessesEdit

  • Gut Rot - "It's just as unpleasant as it sounds."
  • Mind Warp - Appears to cause psychedelic hallucinations.
  • The Wasting - '(Sim Name) is afflicted by The Wasting. Soon there might be nothing left.'

Extreme IllnessesEdit

  • Magma Fever - "The next stage is outright melting!"
  • The Gorge - "No meal is safe!" Appears to be either food poisoning or extreme truista.
  • Poison Pox - "Oh, the scratching!" Appears to be similar to smallpox.

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