The Watcher Achievement Level marks the milestones in The Sims Medieval gameplay. The level is increased by accumulating points earned through completing Achievements or earning medals from Ambitions. Each time the level increases, new hairstyles, clothing, and objects are unlocked. It is mostly a bonus mechanic: leveling up provides several bonuses and confers a new title but does not unlock more gameplay opportunities. It could thus be said that while ambition medals mark a degree of general game progress, achievement levels mark completion of game features.

Sims Medieval Rewards

Watcher Level Title Achievement Points Needed Item Unlocked
Limited Edition Limited Edition game code needed Object Unlocks: Princess throne room theme, Barbarian throne room theme, Dark Magic throne room theme

Outfit Unlocks: - Executioner's Hood (female), Executioner's Hood (male), Executioner's Outfit (female), Executioner's Outfit (male), Monarch outfit (female), Monarch outfit (male)

1 Peepsmith 0 n/a
2 Casual Observer 120 Outfit Unlocks: – 'Lady of Laughs' Costume, Lady's Laughcap, Joker’s Wildwear, Foolio's Fopcap, Queen’s Summerwear, 'Mistress of the Night' Gown, and Sir Studley’s Armour.
Object Unlocks: - Lady Johnsendóttir of the Four Peers statue, Sir Eromirral of the Four Peers statue, Sir Perforcé of the Four Peers statue, Lady Rainsbane of the Four Peers statue, and 'Inner Daemons' Morality Rug.
3 Peermonger 250 Outfit Unlocks: – Lady Executioner’s Regalia, Lady of the Tower's Hood, Lord Executioner’s Raiment, Stitched Executioner’s Hood, and Mask of Deadly Anonymity.
Object Unlocks: - Graffenschaft Lacquered Privacy Screen, Graffenschaft Lacquer Reindeer Wardrobe, Mounted Grimbuck Trophy, Graffenscaft Face Reflector, Austerity Urn of the Peteran, Triple-Arched Grand Tredonian Bedstead, and Single-Arched Grand Tredonian Bedstead.
4 Staredevil 390 Outfit Unlocks: – Sorceress’ Gown, Hedge Wizard’s Robe, and Sorcerer’s Apprentice Robe.
Object Unlocks: - Seljaq-Ghazhadid Sleep Form with Gargoyle Motif, Looking Glass with VermenKrakki Minick, 'Werms Warble' Music Box, Aarbyville Dragon Table, Etherstone Tailings, Etherstone Krag, Etherstone Zeljaqi Spirit Boulder, Slihnkgur Werm Wing Pricket, Snordwicci Tome, and Seljaq-Ghazhadid 'Drako' Feasting Chair.
5 Eyedealist 540 Outfit Unlocks: – The Watcher’s Raiment, The Watcher’s Vestment, Nurse’s Apron, Nurse’s Mask, Medic’s Mask, and Medic’s Uniform.
Object Unlocks: - Burdley Revival Standing Shelves, Phickle-Phyfe Hand Carved Bar, Druidic Barstool, Reichsfree Löwen Table, Farmer's Candle, Lower Löwen Table in Reichsfree Style, and Curviligne Iron Candlecane.
6 Gazemaster 700 Outfit Unlocks: – Marriage Officiant’s Garb, Rooster Dress!, Rooster Vest!, 'Princess of the Hunt' Riding Garb, and The Aristovest.
Object Unlocks: - Slinkskin Grand Palace Embroidered Curtains, 'The Impervious Fortress Agon-upon-Unnloch' painting, Strategic Simulacrums Guild (SSG) Fortress Maquette, Banquet Chair with Cushion & Drawers, Triple-Crowned Royal Dining Console, 'Solar Crest' Velvet Upholstered Bergère, Tredonian Dining Table - Anglewise Style, and Ceremonial Terroccan Ossuary.
7 Captain Look 870 Outfit Unlocks: – Druidess Habit, Druid’s Duds, Fortune Teller’s Threads of Fate, Prognosticator’s Cape, and Bandita’s Apparel.
Object Unlocks: - Gothic Scribe Table, Double Bladed Triumph Hall Banner, Golden Teak Decorative Divider, Giant Terroccan Vase, Sudman KristallBopp Lantern, Amethyst KristallBopp Lantern, Azure KristallBopp Lantern, Emeral KristallBopp Lantern, and Mica KristallBopp Lantern.
8 Deja Viewer 1050 Outfit Unlocks: – Empress of Elegance Regalia, 'King of Stripes' Formalwear, Witchy Womenswear, Witchy Tiara, Warlock’s Diadem, and Warlockswear.
Object Unlocks: - Hermit's Bed in Druidic Style, The Druid's Double, Burdley Revival Wall Shelf, Floral Rug from Zabazhar, Eminent Flaming Stone Column of Horatu, Crouching Gargoyle of Horatu, 'Timor et Tremor' Throne, and Drakostrian Relic of the VermenKrakki.
9 Final Examiner 1240

Outfit Unlocks: – The Duchess’ Dress, Baroness’ Dining Gown, Count’s Caparison, and The Earl of Grey Garments.
Object Unlocks: - 'Fleur-de-Zzz' single bed, 'Fleur-de-Zzz' by Rustic Impressions, Rock-Solid Sleep, Wiccenculta "Joye de Nuit" bed, Funerary Urn with Cuneiglyph Base, Wanton Banquet Chair of the Sorceress, "Ovalisque" dining chair, Wiccenculta Low Table with Runner, Wiccenculta Sofa, and Liturgical Matinee Mask.

10 Super Seer 1440 Outfit Unlocks: – 'Belle of the Bell' Crier's Uniform, 'Cry Me a River' Crier’s Uniform, Guildmaster’s Garb, Guildmistress’ Garb, Jacoban Shepherd’s Cap, and Jacoban Shepherdess’ Cap.
Object Unlocks: - 'Ave Regina' Scribe Table, 'Golden Harvest' Great Floor Weave, Blown Glass Hanging Hall Lamp - Green, Blown Glass Hanging Hall Lamp - Orange, Blown Glass Hanging Hall Lamp - Violet, Immoderate Period Artisanal Coffee Table, Phickle-Phyfe Dinner Chair in the Merchante Style, Phickly-Phyfe High-Backed 'Merchante' Dinner Chair, and Phickly-Phyfe Sturdy End Table.
11 Pupilord 1650 Outfit Unlocks: – Commoner’s Garb, Journeyman’s Garb, Lady Vagabond's Dress, Nomadic Vest, and Quilted Ranger’s Raiment.
Object Unlocks: - 'Ars Magique' Carved Loveseat, 'Relaxing Unicorn' Great Rug, Aporetic Guardian of the Alleged Eternal Fire, Burdley Revival 'Fleur de Libre' Bookcase, Equestrian Monument of Sir Krumpelbotten, King Landgrabb of the Adequate, Latest Period Jacoban Worship Bench, Opal Stone Watchmaiden Fountain, Sorceress Throne (not to be confused with The Sims Medieval Throne Room sets), and Wooden Temple Maiden with Firerod.

Pirates and Nobles Rewards

Level Title Achievement Points Needed Item Unlocked
1 Landlubber 0 n/a