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Quest Loot - 20 RP, §1250, 1200 XP, Aspects: +2 Security and +1 Culture

Party Requirements - Primary Hero: Knight, Supporting Character: Monarch

It was the duty, as protector of the people and leader of the military, to don the mantle of the kingdom's champion. Prowess in battle is second only to honorable conduct within the games. Could a noble vicotry be achieved, despite the rising intrigue and fierce competition?
A Legendary Trait is available in this quest.

Make an Appearance in the Throne Room Edit

"What new dangers will I face in the name of the kingdom today?"

Reward: 10 XP

The knight adjusted his/her armor and checked his/her trusty sword again. Leading the kingdom's security meant being ever prepared for action. The castle had requested the knight's presence, but s/he little supspected that the Monarch was preparing a very different test of his/her skills...
Go to the Throne Room.

Pay Homage by Kneeling before the Throne Edit

"If it's an official royal invitation, I must follow protocol."

Reward: 30 XP

Click on the throne and select "Request and Audience." (If "Waiting for Audience" disappears from the queue before the Monarch actually grants the audience, it may be that the task the Monarch is engaged in is interfering. To solve the issue, engage the Monarch in interaction with the Hero Knight and then add "Request an Audience" to the queue. The Monarch should go to the throne directly after finishing the interaction with the Hero Knight.)

When the Monarch is seated on the Throne, click on the Monarch and select "Kneel before Throne." (The Monarch will not doddle on the Throne, so it is best to be standing in front of the Throne (walk there while the Monarch is walking to the Throne) and click on the Monarch as soon as s/he is seated to avoid clicking too late and having to start the process over.)

Request Orders from the Monarch Edit

"Now that the formalities have been observed, I should see what His/Her Majesty has in mind for me."

Reward: 30 XP

Select "What are your orders, my liege?" when interacting with the Monarch.

Monarch: "I am hosting a Tournament of Games here in the kingdom, with representatives arriving from all over the world. As the host nation, we are expected to field a worthy champion. You are to enter the contest, and I expect you to be victorious! Please see my advisor for details, Knight."

(Two Tasks) Edit

Upon completion of the task "Request Orders from the Monarch," the knight will receive two new tasks, which can be completed in any order, "Inspect the Training Yard" and "Get Additional Details from the Royal Advisor."

Inspect the Training Yard Edit

"If the kingdom is to play host to the tourney, my training yard needs to be in ship-shape."

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