Village small

Remote view of the village.

The Village Outskirts is the settlement outside the main area of the kingdom and is where most citizens live. During the day, Sims can be seen walking to and from the village as they go about their business.

Visiting Sims can buy and sell items at the Village Shoppe and, if it's nighttime, can sleep at an inn in the village.

If the kingdom's Security is high enough, a couple of guards will be posted at the path to the village to protect citizens. If the kingdom's Security is low, the path will often be dangerous, especially at night, since its traffic makes it a popular haunt for thieves and bandits.

Most trips to the village will result in a random encounter.

Beyond the village are the territories of Crafthole and Aarbyville. Monarchs, Knights, and Spies can patrol the road to and from these territories from the village.

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