Vain small

Sims with the Vain Trait are the most beautiful Sims in the world, at least in their own eyes. Now why can't other Sims appreciate how gorgeous they are?

Vain is one of the Traits featured in The Sims Medieval. It conflicts with Unkempt.

  • Vain Sims will get the I Am Beautiful buff (+10 focus for 6 hours) whenever they interact with a mirror.
  • Vain Sims can Admire Self in a mirror, but it's usually best to have them Gussy Up instead, since the effects of the I Am Beautiful and Attractive buffs stack with each other.
  • Vain Sims can Enthuse About themselves and Extol their Personal Virtues when interacting with others.
  • Vain Sims receive a greater relationship increase when other sims Praise their Looks/Beauty or Extol their Virtues.