Tremendous Catalyst


Icon tremendous catalyst


Isn't it tremendous?


For quest Cutting Edge

Icon tremendous catalyst
Recipe for Tremendous Catalyst


Icon tremendous catalyst Tremendous Catalyst




Gained in the quest Cutting Edge (conditional)

"Isn't it tremendous?"


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The Tremendous Catalyst is a miscellaneous item in The Sims Medieval.

Its recipe is gained during the course of the quest Cutting Edge when Electrum was chosen as the catalyst ingredient at one quest choice. It can also be used in the crafting of Balmung or Trenfher, whose recipes are gained after the quest.



  • After choosing Electrum as the catalyst during a quest choice in the quest Cutting Edge, its recipe will be added to the Cauldron and can be prepared by the Blacksmith him or herself after the quest.
  • Initially the priest will be asked to create the catalyst for the Cutting Edge quest. However, on some occasions the priest is unable to create it. One work around is for the blacksmith to create the catalyst themselves, this wont be transferable to the priest. The blacksmith can then mine for another mana stone and then drop that onto the priest inventory and it should enable the priest to make one to complete that portion of the quest with remaining reagents.

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