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Traits are qualitative aspects of a Sim in The Sims Medieval, and have in-game influence in the form of trait-specific events and interactions. Ordinary traits can have a mix of both positive and negative effects (usually with at least some positive effects even if the occasion is rare), while special subsets like Fatal Flaws will only have negative effects, and Legendary Traits will only have positive benefits. Other than their positive or negative effects, and the fact that Fatal Flaws can be randomly replaced by Legendary Traits via special quests, the mechanics are pretty much the same.

By default, each Sim has 2 Traits and 1 Fatal Flaw.

List of TraitsEdit

Traits Fatal Flaws Legendary Traits
Adventurous Adventurous
Call of the Sea Call of the Sea

Chivalrous Chivalrous
Creative Cook Creative Cook
Dedicated Dedicated
Earthy Earthy
Eloquent Eloquent
Evil small Evil
Entitled Entitled
Excitable Excitable
Friendly small Friendly
Fun-Loving small Fun-Loving
Good Good
Greedy Greedy
Haggler Haggler
HopefulOrphan Hopeful Orphan
Jokester small Jokester
LovesFamily Loves Family
Scholarly small Scholarly
Solitary Solitary
Unkempt Unkempt
Vain small Vain
WhaleAteMyParents Whale Ate My Parents

Bloodthirsty icon Bloodthirsty
CompulsiveGambler Compulsive Gambler
Cowardly Cowardly
Cruel Cruel
Cursed fatal flaw Cursed
Drunkard icon Drunkard
Fool Fool
Guild Enemy Guild Enemy
Glutton icon Glutton
Hubris Hubris
Insecure2 Insecure
Insomniac Insomniac
Licentious Licentious
Misanthrope2 Misanthrope
Morose Morose
Puny Puny
Uncouth Uncouth
Weak Constitution Weak Constitution

Dread Pirate Dread Pirate
Famous Famous
Guildconnections Guild Connections
Herculean Herculean
Industrious Industrious
Natural Leader Natural Leader
Patient Patient
Seductive Seductive
Satiated Satiated
Strong Constitution Strong Constitution
Wise Wise

21 traits 17 traits 10 traits 48 total

Legendary TraitsEdit

Certain quests will open the Trait Swapper where the Sim's Fatal Flaw can be replaced by one of a random selection of three Legendary Traits. The quests and which Sims can earn a Legendary Trait (LT) are:

  • The Fisherman's Challenge - Sims with the "Whale Ate My Parents" trait can get a LT if they take Fisherman Barney's advice and go on a successful whale hunt.
  • Fountain of Legend - Any Sim except the Monarch can get a LT by correctly solving a riddle related to their Fatal Flaw.
  • The Philosopher's Stone - A level 5+ Wizard can get a LT by wishing for power rather than wealth. This quest also requires a Blacksmith as a secondary hero who does not get a LT from the quest.
  • War Games - A level 5+ Knight can get a LT by getting their own gear from the Village, dueling rather than brawling, bestowing a favor instead of dancing, and defeating the Black Knight.
  • Invasion - This quest is randomly offered to a Kingdom with a paltry Security aspect. The Knight, MerchantSpy, or Wizard can gain a LT depending on which quest approach is used.
  • Seven Mechanical Arts - The Blacksmith can gain a LT by forging a badge instead of a hammer at the end.
  • The Dragon of (Kingdom) - A Knight, Monarch, Spy, or Wizard in a Kingdom with a paltry Knowledge aspect can earn a LT.
  • Very Bazaar - The Merchant can earn a LT in the Out Trade the Traders quest approach of this Pirates and Nobles expansion quest by not selling the "Wonder Pearl".

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