The Watcher Theme

An ancient statue, possibly depicting an image of the Watcher.

The Watcher is the term for the player of The Sims Medieval.

The Watcher is the central figure of worship in the in-game religion. Jacobans and Peterans believe that The Watcher created them, watches them all, and then guides them through their lives and adventures to prevent them from destroying themselves through their own carelessness and greed. Despite the similarly central beliefs, the two branches of Churches have split apart due to different opinions about the Watcher; while the Jacoban Church holds that the Watcher is a vengeful and merciless god, the Peteran Church claim that the Watcher is a loving and forgiving god to everyone.

The Watcher is sometimes referred to using masculine pronouns. Because the Watcher is actually the Player (who never notifies the game of their gender), this is done as either a mistake by the writers, based on the fact most modern day religions have a male as the lead figure of worship, or else the fact that masculine pronouns are commonly used as pronouns because of the generic 'He' rule in the English language.

The symbol of the Watcher is the Watcher's Eye, a constellation in the game that's said to look over all of the Sims in the world. Because of this, many eyes feature prominently in religious-themed architecture and items.