A presentation was given at The Sims Town Hall event. It confirms many features, and also shows the gameplay in depth.


The Sims Townhall 2010 The Sims Medieval PART 109:26

The Sims Townhall 2010 The Sims Medieval PART 1

Part 1

The Sims Townhall 2010 The Sims Medieval PART 209:42

The Sims Townhall 2010 The Sims Medieval PART 2

Part 2

The Sims Townhall 2010 The Sims Medieval PART 302:19

The Sims Townhall 2010 The Sims Medieval PART 3

Part 3


Confirmed Features:

  • Everything is crafted to imerse you in a medieval experience.
  • You start with only the central part of the castle, but gradually build more.
  • There are two fictional religions, Jacobans , a gothic reliegon, and the Peterans , who are friendly and humble, and both optional to build churches for.
  • Religious conflict is possible.
  • For the king/queen, there is a scribe table and tactical map.
  • You can create relationships, conflict, trade, ect. with the territories around the kingdom.
  • You can scout other territories.
  • Your Monarch has a living quarters.
  • Your Monarch can punish people.
  • It is not confirmed, but highly possible, that the creature in the Pit of Judgement is not the Cow Plant from The Sims 2.
  • Sparring gives you experience.
  • When sparring, a menu indicating stamina and health appears in the top left corner.
  • A duel to the death is possible.
  • There are 4 aspects of the kingdom that grow with buildings built: Culture , Security , Knowledge and Well-Being .
  • With every building comes a hero (which you can customize)
  • You can always make a male or female hero.
  • CAS (Create a style) is present in the game.
  • 2 traits and 1 fatal flaw per Sim.
  • There are 4 voice types.
  • You can pick up to 3 heroes to use in quests, and you can choose how you are going to do the quest (approach).
  • There is a achievement system.
  • You get an achievement for cheating.
  • There seems to be a cheat similar to "boolprop testingcheatsenabled true"
  • Magic has a system where you need to remember 3 (or less) runes, then you have to enter it and the action will be done. The higher level the Wizard is, the more runes they have.
  • There is a buy mode, but not a build mode.

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