This is the page where users may request Bureaucratship. Users who request this right must already be an admin. To nominate yourself or someone else, start a Level 3 header with the user you wish to nominate and say why you nominate them.

If you are nominating someone else, the nominee must accept the nomination. There will then be a week-long community vote where users may vote Support, Oppose or Neutral. At the end of the week long vote, a bureaucrat will then act according to community consensus.

Main reviewers: Woganhemlock (talk), DarthCookie (talk)

Bureaucrat NoCheckmark Closed for requests.

Archived discussions: The Sims Medieval Wiki:Requests for Bureaucratship/Archive


These requirements are set-in-stone

  • Nominated person must have at least 250 edits.
  • Said person must have legible spelling.
  • Nominated person should be known by at least 10 members of the community.
  • Said person should have good intentions of expanding and developing the wiki.

Open RequestsEdit

Please remember when the user is the one who requests it isn't needed to vote, because requests are bureaucrat decisions, nominations are community consensus, of course you can express your opinion but when it comes to requests they will not strongly affect the results. Thank you.--Guilherme Guerreiro (talk here) 23:33, December 21, 2010 (UTC)

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