The Sims Medieval Wiki has an IRC channel, that users are free to use to chat to other editors in real-time. The channel is registered as #wikia-simsmedieval on Freenode. The channel contact is GeorgieGibbons.

Browser connect through FreenodeEdit

Enter your desired username.

Useful IRC channelsEdit

To join one of these channels when you have connected, type /join #channel and hit enter in order to access the appropriate channel.

  • #wikia-simsmedieval is for discussion about The Sims Medieval, The Sims Medieval Wiki and off-topic talk.
  • #wikia-sims is for discussion about The Sims games, The Sims Wiki and sometimes off-topic talk as well.
  • #wikia is for discussion and help about Wikia. Note that the people here are most volunteers. For direct contact with Wikia staff, use Special:Contact.
  • #wikia-vstf is for the Wikia Volunteer Spam Task Force, primarily used for reporting current vandalism and spam. If there is an issue in #wikia-simsmedieval and there are no ops active, please report it in #wikia-vstf so they can join #wikia-simsmedieval and resolve the issue.
  • #wikia-social A place for people from Wikia wikis to talk about almost anything not related to Wikia.
  • #wikia-gaming IRC channel for the Wikia gaming hub, all sorts of talk about games goes on here.
  • #freenode Freenode is the help channel for the IRC network, this is NOT the place to ask questions about Wikia.


These users have operator flags on the channel and are able to kick/ban users and change the channel settings:

These users can be contacted if there is an issue on the channel.

Banned Users

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