This page can be accessed by all, it is for discussing our development suggestions. Keep it to a minimal argue, meaning keep it formal and with respect.


  • Expanding our subjects, so that its not just focused on the Sims Medieval.
  • A Youtube channel, or a way for users to have discussions together. Like a chatroom.
  • Adding category links to the main page for easier navigation. E.g. Characters, Quests.
  • Relationships Between Heroes?
  • The front page needs work in my opinion. It should have links to common, broad categories such as Ambitions, Hero types, Quests, and a "Getting Started" guide of sorts for people who come here not knowing where to start getting information.
  • Increasing our Fanon community
  • organise the pages.
  • pages for all the different items in furnish mode(beds,tables etc)Blog post about it here

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