This is a page which displays what each admin/bureaucrat is in charge of. If you want to be in charge of something, contact a admin or a bureaucrat and state what. You should know how it works, as other users may ask you questions about it.

Note: Even though admins and bureaucratscrats already have their responsibilities, someone can be the "leader" of that task. For example, if ThatDude was in charge of templates, it does not stop you from creating them. It will be his job to answer questions, fix problems, monitor, ect.

List of tasks already chosen:Edit

Add your name below if you are accepted, and state what the task is.

Name Task
BobNewbie Featured Article, Featured User, Monthly News letter and Community director.
GEORGIEGIBBONS Media, Disputes and Polls
DarthCookie Templates, correcting grammar
God of the sims
Life Matters Mediawiki, css, js

List of tasks available Edit

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