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The residents of Snordwich look upon the poor, toilsome workers in Crafthole with a bit of pity. Why do they work so hard? What problem can’t be solved by a good, long nap? Snordwich’s daily mandatory napping period in the afternoon, for example, has served them quite well.

Snordwich is an extremely laid-back territory who's citizens are required to have daily naps every afternoon. The head of the Snords - as they're called - is the Snoozemeister, who's protected by a bodyguard known as Snoozeguards.

Snordwich appears on the map when the kingdom reaches 160 Renown. It requires 10 Resource Points to ally with.


Snordwich buys fish.



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After allying with Snordwich, the Snoozemeister and their Snoozeguard arrive in the kingdom as part of a diplomatic trip. Secretly however, the real reason for the trip is to hunt down four stolen pendants that hold a dream-devouring demon captive. The pendants fall into the hands of the local merchant, who quickly distributes them to the populace, releasing the demon. With the help of a priest, the Snoozemeister and Snoozeguard are able to banish the demon back without incident, joining the kingdom in gratitude.


After Snordwich is annexed, the kingdom's citizens will be taught the same ancient relaxation techniques Snords use to improve job-related satisfaction and stress. This adds +10 Focus to the Job Well Done buff and reduces the penalty of the Shirked Responsibility buff by 10.

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