Sermons are performed by priests.

Before conducting a sermon, a priest needs to select a scheduled sermon time. Sermons can be scheduled for 8 AM, 1 PM, 6 PM, and 11 PM. Sermons don't have to be performed at the scheduled time on the dot and can be performed up to 2 hours later than scheduled.

At the end of a sermon, the priest will receive money in the form of donations. The amount of money they get depends on their performance and the level of fear/popularity.

Performance and TonesEdit

Jacobans and Peterans have different goals and different tones they use for sermons. Each tone has a different effect.

Jacoban PriestEdit

A good performance for Jacoban Priests involves the audience being Watcher-fearing enough to be want salvation but not so fearful that they're afraid to even go to church. The priest uses a pulpit-pounding Intense tone to rile up an audience's fear and a serene Calm tone to sooth them away from blind paranoia. Switching between the two tones to keep the level of fear in the optimal window (indicated by the coloring on the fear meter) is vital for getting the most from a congregation.

Tone Description Effect Notes
Calm Sermonize with composure and serenity. The Watcher is merciful to His flock... most of the time. Decreases fear
Intense Sermonize in a fierce and fervid tone. Repent, for the hour of The Watcher is at hand! Increases fear

Peteran PriestEdit

A good performance for Peteran Priests involves becoming popular among the audience and endearing them to the Watcher as much as possible. They normally have two tones - Calm and Humorous - but occasional have the option of using a Somber tone. A forth tone, Insightful, is available if the priest has studied the Watcher at the archives enough to get The Watcher's Gaze buff. After making an Insightful sermon, the buff disappears and the priest will need to study the Watcher again before another Insightful sermon can be made.

For the Peteran priest the four tones may help the popularity go up or down, it all depends on the audience and you need to listen to them to know which tone to use. If the crowd laughs and cheers at the priest, the popularity will go up, if they instead boo and give the priest thumbs down, the popularity will decrease.

Tone Description Effect Notes
Casual Sermonize in a casual manner *
Somber Sermonize in a grim and dour tone. Give those Sims something to ponder for awhile. * Appears occasionally
Humorous Sermonize in a lighthearted and whimsical tone. Not everything is gloom and doom, you know *
Insightful Sermonize in a thoughtful tone, expounding upon the wisdom of The Watcher * Requires The Watcher's Gaze buff

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