Sagewort is a bush herb found in a few locations around the kingdom.
Sagewort Picture

The information for Sagewort.

It's used in medicine and wizardry.

Superstition tells that nibling on this herb will make you smarter. Thusly, peasants and other commonfolk avoid it like the plague. It grows best at the tops of cliffs where there is little soil and little competition.

Sagewort may contain Seeds, Grassweed, or Bloodmoss.

Bush Locations


A bush of Sagewort growing at the top of a cliff.

Sagewort can generally be found on the edge of a cliff.

There are 8 known Sagewort bushes:

  • On the cliff near the Wizard's Tower. (almost behind the Physician's Hospital)
  • Near the Lighthouse behind the large rock. (you must turn the camera to view it)
  • On the cliffs around the Monastery. 2 bushes here.
  • On the cliff near the Cathedral. 2 bushes here.


  • Sagewort can also be acquired by purchasing from a Merchant's Market Stall (if questing with other hero than merchant) or through the Village Shoppe. Usually, about 3 are available for ~§15 each.