"Everyone needed to take a vacation sometimes, even a Monarch. Ruling over the people had become a bit tiresome and the time had come to take a trip somewhere that might offer a break from the day-to-day toils of being the most powerful Sim in the kingdom."

This quest sees your Monarch take a vacation from royal duties, and voyage to either the peacful village of Luffenting or the exciting city of Smortlee. Regardless of which location you choose, your Monarch will return with a taste for the local beverage or dish they tried whilst on holiday, and a wish to recreate it at home.

NOTE: For brewing/cooking to work, the Sim must have all ingredients needed for the recipe in their inventory.

Luffenting Ale


1 Wheat
1 Honey
1 Spices

To brew Luffenting Ale, you must have a beer cask in your castle, and then have your Monarch select the "Brew" action. Within the list of brewable beers your Sim has to select from, there will be three brewable drinks labelled "Luffenting Ale?", none of which are correct. After brewing each of the incorrect ales, the book 'More Than Just Ale' will arrive in the Monarch's inventory, which contains the right recipe. After reading the book, you will be able to brew the correct ale.

Note: Gives the positive "Luffentastic!" buff.

Luffenting Wine


1 Barley
1 Egg
2 Grapes

To brew Luffenting Wine, first your Sim must read the book in their inventory labelled 'The Grapes of Luffenting'. Afterwards, your Sim will know the recipe and can brew it, provided you have a wine cask in your castle. If you select the action "Brew", the Luffenting Wine should be listed as a brewable drink.

Note: Gives the positive "Hint of Egg" buff.

Smortlee Stew


1 Cheese
1 Egg
1 Spices
1 Trout

If you choose to go to the Banquet at Smortlee, your Monarch will wish to recreate the Smortlee Stew. To cook Smortlee Stew, your Sim must first read the book 'Taking Care of Stew' which will appear in their inventory after twice unsuccessfully attempting to recreate the stew from memory (the "Smortlee Stew?" recipes). After reading the book, the Monarch will know the recipe, and be able to cook it.

Note: Gives the positive "Taste of Smortlee" buff.

Sword of Smortlee


1 Azurite
5 Ferrous
1 Wheat

If you choose to go to the Tournament at Smortlee, your Monarch will wish to recreate the Sword of Smortlee. To create the Sword of Smortlee, you must send a letter to Smortlee about the Monarch's interest in the sword, and then have your Sim practice swordplay on a training dummy for two hours. A Swordsman will then visit the castle, whom the Monarch must defeat. To defeat him, ensure that your Monarch is:

  • Focused (not hungry or tired).
  • At Level 4 Monarch, at least.
  • Has a good sword (sharpened) and a good set of armour.

After winning the battle, the Swordsman will then give you the book 'Forging Swords the Smortlee Way' which contains the recipe for the sword. Then you need only write a letter of thanks to Smortee for the recipe, and send it through the messanger post to complete the quest.

Note: The Sword of Smortlee has 4 Attack and 5 Weight.

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