As a loyal and productive member of <Kingdom>, a tradesperson's livelihood was a boon to the people and thus beholden to the bidding of the kingdom. As such, regular roayl review was required to garner the sanction of the throne to continue plying a trade.

Royal Review costs 2 Quest Points to undertake. To do any part of this quest, the Monarch must exist. To do all parts of this quest, the Physician must exist. There are no Aspect or Renown requirements for this quest.

There are two approaches to this quest: Imperial Inspection and Bloodletter's License. The Imperial Inspection is a Security approach, and the Bloodletter's License is a Well-Being approach.

The two approaches of this quest are completely balanced in everything but Aspects, and those rewards aren't great. So, when you decide which approach to take it is recommended that you pick based on the Primary Hero. Which ever of your two Heroes (Monarch or Physician) needs the experience more, as the XP reward for this quest is substantial.

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