A Peteran Priest in a sermon.

A Priest is a class of Hero Sim. There are two types of priest: the Jacoban Priest and the Peteran Priest, who live in the Cathedral and Monastery respectively. Despite being two different classes, there are some parallels between the two.



Both the Jacoban and Peteran churches are branches of the same faith, believing that the Watcher creates, watches, and guides the world.


Both priests can attempt to convert others to their faith, either by directly discussing it with individuals or giving sermons, which has a small chance of spontaneously converting Sims who attend them. The attempt may fail if the priest is unfocused, or if they have a negative relationship with the other Sim, causing the subject of the conversion to react negatively.

Priests cannot attempt to convert rival priests away from their faith, nor do they get the option of joining the other priest's church.


Both priests' main form of income is donations from powerful sermons, although the two faiths differ on what makes a "well-done sermon."


Both priests have a self-interaction that allows them to focus their own minds. Jacobans do this by reflecting on the Watcher while Peterans pray instead. After praying/reflecting for awhile, the priest will get a buff; the Watcher's Gaze for Jacobans and the Watcher's Smile for Peterans.

Regular Powers

Both priests have a special ability that gives another Sim a buff. While a Jacoban priest is empowered by the Watcher's Gaze, he or she can bestow the Watcher's Blessing on another. Peteran priests can lead other Sims in prayer, granting both the priest and the Sim the Watcher's Smile.

Energy-Using Powers

Both priests have a special ability that drains some of their Energy to give another Sim a buff. Jacobans can grant others the Protection Of The Watcher using their Watcher's Touch power while Peterans can bestow The Watcher's Favor buff.

Holy Water

Priests can temporarily enhance the water wells give, making it grant +10 focus for one hour to anyone who drinks it. Jacobans do this by consecrating the water while Peterans bless the well itself.


The Watcher

The two faiths have vastly different opinions on the nature and motivation of the Watcher. Jacobans claim the Watcher is an angry, vengeful god who must be appeased out of fear while Peterans claim the Watcher is forgiving and should be emulated due to love.


These different views of the Watcher naturally shape different social outlooks.

  • Jacobans are highly traditionalist and fearful of change, lest it incur the Watcher's wrath. Feeling superior to others (as believing oneself to be on the "good side" of a ruthless deity will do), Jacobans are also authoritarian and want to impose their strict and often nonsensical moral code on the rest of society, evident from their somewhat bizarre proclamations. This feeling of superiority also makes them feel entitled to spend money on extravagance, such as building giant cathedrals and wearing ornate clothing, often complete with crowns.
  • Peterans believe that the Watcher ultimately wants Sims to be happy, thus the faith takes a more "an it harm none" approach to morality. Peterans embrace change and are accepting of new ideas and cultures. Peterans are also less interested in rules and formality, wanting freedom and equality for all without imposing it with dogma. Peterans are noticeably humble-looking, wearing simple robes and living in monasteries that are more practical than awe-inspiring. The Peteran faith can be seen as a parallel to early Medieval monastic life, where monasteries had limited connections and therefore authority over the people in order for their monks and nuns to live lives in quiet contemplation.


The messages the two priests want to spread are centered around two different emotions; fear and love. In order to get across the need to obey the church (and the Watcher), Jacoban priests use intense "fire and brimstone" style sermons designed to monger fear. Peterans work by endearing their congregations to themselves - and, thus, the Watcher - by appealing to friendship and making lighthearted, humorous sermons.

Extraparochial Activities

Outside of scheduled sermons, both priests have different ways of interacting with the Sims of the kingdom. Jacoban priests can nail proclamations to the board outside their cathedral, the wording of which will alter the level of fear the populace has for the Church and cause loyal Jacobans to "follow" their commands. Peteran priests can stand on a platform outside their monastery and begin to evangelize, allowing them to have informal, unscheduled sermons for however long they want to increase their Church's popularity within the realm.

Unique Abilities

Although only the Jacoban priest begins game with a scribe table, both priests can write religious documents in order to gain quick experience.Peteran priests seem to be more cerebral than Jacoban priests, starting the game with an archive of religious texts in their living quarters. They can use the archives to study the Watcher, which grants them the Watcher's Insight buff after half an hour, allowing them to make an insightful sermon. In addition to reading texts at the archive, they can write with the Watcher to pen new religious tracts, which they can sell for extra income.


It is possible that the authorities of the kingdom are more supportive of the Jacoban Faith as the tearing down of Jacoban proclamations is a crime and is punishable by being sent to the stocks.