Bushes Edit

Garden Plants

A garden of various different herbs bushes.

Harvestable resources can be collected from bushes littered throughout the landscape. Initially, they need to be "discovered" by a Hero who can harvest from the bush type before the "collect" interaction becomes available.

Bushes are collectible by the following Heroes:

The chance of a successful collection is dependent on Focus. On a successful collection, it will yield a random amount of the main resource represented by the bush, and some random amount of other plant resources which do not have bushes of their own.

List of plant resources with their own bushesEdit

List of plant resources without their own bushesEdit

Some plant resources don't have their own bushes. These can be randomly collected when collecting from the bushes of other plants.

Tips and strategyEdit

  • For quick gathering of common plant resources, there is a garden located outside the Wizard's Tower/Clinic with 6 bushes. Use the Wizard spell Growth to increase gathering efficiency.

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