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Simoleons are the basic currency in the Sims Medieval. So you need lots of them, to fund your kingdom. You can spend simoleons at the Village Shoppes, during buy mode, when paying for taxes, etc.

Earning moneyEdit

General methodsEdit

  • Sell unneeded items or furniture. See Commerce for further info.
  • Transfer valuable items from one hero to another and sell them. See Item Transfer.
  • Gather Wildflowers.
  • Go fishing.
  • Hunting in the Forest. It does not scale with level, so you will always gain the same amount of meat (and money). Random events can make a big difference, though. Be sure to have high focus, before starting.
  • See Item Transfers (money section).



  • You can make money just by playing songs, and the amount seems to be exponentially proportional to the level. Larger audiences give more, so the best locations to perform are the castle and the reception hall, especially if you've scouted all the regions.
  • Plays, however, are not worth the effort, considering the amount of time that goes into performing them. They can be sold however.
  • Poems are counterproductive considering the time it takes to earn money trough them, it is recommendable to just sell written works.


  • Blacksmith is one of the easier heroes to make money with. Profit wise, selling Steel Hammers, Hammers of the Watcher and Legendary Steel Hammers are most efficient, as the materials are easy to find, the items are easy to make, and they sell for a disproportionally high amount of money compared to weapons and armor made from the same material.
  • Blacksmiths are very good in supplying other heroes with money, because their products are worth a lot. So giving a lot of hammers to the Monarch or the Knight is a good idea.

Knight, MonarchEdit

  • These can threaten other people for money. You lose influence with them this way, so don't do it on important people, or those you like.
  • This is not very efficient, so supplying them with Blacksmith goods or going on hunts is a good alternative.

Jacoban Priest, Peteran PriestEdit

  • Sermon donations are pretty much their only form of direct income and barely scale with level or popularity/fear, usually about 100 - 250 simoles.
  • At least the Jacoban Priest starts out with some really expensive furniture that you can always sell in a pinch.
  • Peteran Priests can 'Write with the Watcher' and sell the resulting scrolls fro 14-150 simoles a piece.


  • The merchant is very good at making quick money and XP.
  • He is very good at supplying other sims with money through Marriage.
  • See the Merchant section for details.


  • With good focus, Pickpocket makes about the same money as the Knight or Monarch threatening people, with no negative effects (Except being sent to the stocks incase of failure). Along with the economical benefits you gain experience.
  • They can gather every plant as well, and can craft profitable potions just like the wizard.
  • They really hit their money making stride once they hit lvl 5 though, when they steal from the mailboxes. This tends to net around 400-700 simoles per mailbox, and even the most basic of kingdoms has 2 mailboxes, so your spy can rake in around 1000 a day (on average). A fully stocked Kingdom (building wise) has 5 mailboxes, so then the theft income raises to about 2500 every day. And like pickpocket, it brings in experience as well.


  • They can gather every plant, but you'll want to keep some of them for crafting. Gathering high quality herbs gets lots of money.
  • They can also mine every type of mineral, but only use a few, so the rest can be sold. It helps if you know where the more valuable ores are located.
  • Herbs and minerals can be stored in the wizards crafting table, so other heroes can collect and sell them, should they need money.
  • Also, while delivering potions doesn't pay much, selling them either at the village or in your inventory can earn you a pretty penny.


  • Earthy on crafting heroes earns more rare and valuable ressources. Most effective on Wizard, because he can gather herbs and ores.
  • Haggler reduces buy price by 20%.
  • Sims with the Legendary Trait "Industrious" can give money to other heroes, but it's only 100 simoles at a time at maximum.
  • Greedy offers two talk options, where the hero borrows money from another sim, but doesn't need to pay him back. This is not a very efficient method though.
  • Whale Ate My Parents: Whale hunting isn't a bad source of income. I believe it comes out to around 300 simoles in profit, after accounting for the cost of the harpoon, which is expended. It'll take a few expeditions to cover the cost of the boat. Note that only one harpoon is available per day in town store. Blacksmiths and Merchants also sometimes sell these, if they are not active in current quest.

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