A CAS ( create a sim ) view of a monarch

A Monarch in Create a Sim Mode

Crown The Monarch is the ultimate leader of the Kingdom and the first of the ten classes of hero available, as their signature area - the castle's Throne Room - is the only one built when a new game starts.

The Monarch's main job is running their kingdom. This includes doing paperwork by writing laws and treaties, proposing and voting on edicts, holding court to listen to petitions by the villagers, sentencing Sims to a certain punishment in the Judgement Zone, and dealing with the rulers of other kingdoms.

Beyond making decisions and navigating politics, Monarchs are skilled fighters. Though most martial tasks and quests involving combat are handled by their Knights, Monarchs are nonetheless able to hold their own in battle. The monarch is the head and source of all powers in the land. The Monarch is the most favorable hero of them all.

Miscellaneous BenefitsEdit

  • If the Monarch is popular, Sims that are near the monarch will autonomously bow to them. If the Monarch is unpopular, Sims will boo and shout insults at the monarch.
  • While in the castle, monarchs can call to their servants for food.


  • Ask 2 Citizens about Life in the Kingdom name (Easy)
  • Hear 3 Petitions (Medium)
  • Hunt a Great Bear in the Forest (Medium)
  • Pass an Edict (Medium)
  • Write 2 New Laws (Easy)
  • Write Treaty of Ongoing Peace
  • Read the War Crimes Docket, followed by Sign Royal Arrest Warrant, followed by Send the Guildsman or Pirate to the Stocks [Pirates & Nobles] (Medium)
  • Sic a Falcon on the Pirate Emissary [Pirates & Nobles] (Easy)
  • Sic a Parrot on the Guild Emissary [Pirates & Nobles] (Easy)


Write Something Quest Objective Note
The title of a monarch consists of two parts, the title itself which is determined by the number of annexed territories (excluding the two territories annexed from the start), and an epithet which is determined by the level.
Title Minimal number of annexed Territories Notes
Lord/Lady 0
King/Queen 1
Emperor/Empress 4
Level Epithet Abilities Notes
1 <Title> (Name)
  • Can strategize and pass Edicts at the Tactical Map
  • Can Hold Court on the Throne
  • "Restful Dance" combat tone unlocked
  • Fighting proficiency slightly increased
  • "Whirling Takedown" special combat move unlocked
  • Fighting proficiency slightly increased
5 <Title> (Name) the Great
  • Fighting proficiency increased
  • "True Striking" combat tone unlocked
  • Fighting proficiency moderately increased
  • Fighting proficiency moderately increased
  • Fighting proficiency greatly increased
10 <Title> (Name) the Illustrious
  • Ability to set taxes on the kingdom unlocked
  • Fighting proficiency greatly increased

Kingdom's Tax level is set from the Scribe's Desk

Level 10 Monarchs get an additional vote on Edicts

Starting a New Kingdom with a HeroEdit

After the current Kingdom's Ambition is achieved, there is a special quest (Brave New World) costing 0 QP which is available to start a new Kingdom with an existing Hero. The Hero can be selected when starting a new ambition and will appear in the same place as pre-made monarch at the Throne Room. Their rank from their previous profession will be transformed into their monarch rank. The imported heroes retain some of their previous profession abilities, e.g. a blacksmith turned monarch can still forge equipment.



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