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Lordleaf is a bush herb found in various locations around the kingdom.

Formerly known as "Kingsfoil", this majestic herb was forced to abdicate its throne after the Great Wildflower Uprising of 1142.

Lordleaf may contain Seeds, Grassweed, or Bloodmoss.


Lordleaf can generally be found growing near water.

1 bush on Royal Ridge near the Barracks.

1 bush near the Lighthouse.

The river running down from the Castle has at least 2 Lordleaf bushes growing on its banks.

2 bushes on the lower part of Watcher's Bluff near the waterfall.

2 bushes in the Forest Outskirts clearing.
Lordleaf Location

A bush of Lordleaf growing near a river.


  • Lordleaf is a referance to Athelas, also know as Kingsfoil, from the Lord of the Rings books by J. R. R. Tolkien