A Legendary Trait (LT) is one of the ten virtues that can replace a Sims Fatal Flaw. Earning a legendary trait requires very specific choices, and getting the trait reward is not a guaranteed outcome.


  • a child can be born with a legendary trait
  • a child of a parent with a legendary trait can be born with a legendary trait in place of a fatal flaw
  • The 3 legendary trait choices will be random and not related to the type of hero or what flaw the hero has.

Important Tip

It is possible to save and reload a game to get new traits to choose between if the first three choices were not to the players liking.

  • Do not do this during Seven Mechanical Arts due to a possible bug that causes the quest item Badge of Blacksmithing to not get saved, majorly messing up the quest)

Legendary Traits

Quests Granting Legendary Traits

These quests will open the Trait Swapper where the Sim's Fatal Flaw can be replaced by one of a random selection of three Legendary Traits. The quests and which Sims can earn a Legendary Trait (LT) are:

  • The Dragon of (Kingdom) - A Knight, Monarch, Spy, or Wizard in a Kingdom with a paltry Knowledge aspect can earn a LT.
  • Fountain of Legend - Any Sim except the Monarch can get a LT by correctly solving a riddle related to their Fatal Flaw.
  • The Fisherman's Challenge - Sims with the "Whale Ate My Parents" trait can get a LT if they take Fisherman Barney's advice and go on a successful whale hunt.
  • Invasion verify- This quest is randomly offered to a Kingdom with a paltry Security aspect. The Knight, MerchantSpy, or Wizard can gain a LT depending on which quest approach is used.
  • The Philosopher's Stone - A level 5+ Wizard can get a LT by wishing for power rather than wealth. This quest also requires a Blacksmith as a secondary hero who does not get a LT from the quest.
  • Seven Mechanical Arts - The Blacksmith can gain a LT by forging a badge instead of a hammer at the end.
  • Tournament of Honor verify-
  • Very Bazaar verify- The Merchant can earn a LT in the Out Trade the Traders quest approach of this Pirates and Nobles expansion quest by not selling the "Wonder Pearl".
  • War Games verify- A level 5+ Knight can get a LT by getting their own gear from the Village, dueling rather than brawling, bestowing a favor instead of dancing, and defeating the Black Knight.