A Legendary Trait is one of the ten virtues that can replace a Sims Fatal Flaw. It can be acquired from quests, such as Fountain of Legend, Invasion!, Seven Mechanical Arts, War Games, Very Bazaar, The Dragon of (kingdom name), The Fisherman’s Challenge, Tournament of honour and The Philosopher’s Stone. Earning a legendary trait from these quests require you to follow a strict pattern, and getting the trait reward is not a guaranteed outcome. There have been cases where a child with a parent with a legendary trait has been born with a legendary trait in place of a fatal flaw.

If the correct pattern was followed then the player will be given a choice between three legendary traits. The traits will be random and not related to the type of hero or what flaw the hero has. This means it is possible to save and reload a game to get new traits to choose between if the first three choices were not to the players liking. (Do not do this during Seven Mechanical Arts due to a possible bug that causes the quest item Badge of Blacksmithing to not get saved. Therefore majorly messing up the whole thing. )

All Legendary Traits are listed below:

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