A Monarch playing Kingball.

"A pastime for some, a way of life for others."

Kingball is a popular sport in the world of The Sims Medieval. It resembles tennis but uses a much bigger ball, paddles rather than rackets, and can be played by up to three players. In a three-player game, the kingballers stand in a triangle and pass the ball to either of their two opponents to try and catch them off guard.

A good paddle is key to winning at kingball. The crème de la crème of kingball paddles is the Excalipaddle, which has a power of 8 normally or the maximum 10 when of legendary quality. A citizen who lacks their own paddle can get a free but poor quality paddle at the kingball court.

Kingdoms with a court will soon develop an official kingball league, and the monarch may occasionally be petitioned to support it financially.

Kingball CourtEdit

The Kingball Court is an expansion to the town that's required for its citizens to play Kingball.

Placing the Kingball Court in your kingdom increases its capacity for Well-Being by 1, Security by 1, and Culture by 2.

This building does not provide any Hero Sims but it is required for some quests.

If one of your sims has the Herculean trait and a legendary quality Excalipaddle they are almost guaranteed to win a game of kingball (approximate 99.6% chance of victory).

However if one of your sims has a low quality paddle like the Rookie Paddle or Rustic Paddle and the Puny Fatal Flaw then you are guaranteed a very low chance of winning (Approxiamate 0.3-4% chance of winning).


[1] Excalipaddle                Can be crafted by the Blacksmith or purchased from the Blacksmith (only from the purchase crafts option), when purchased from the Blacksmith you will get it with only 8 power but if crafted by the Blacksmith at legendary quality you will have it with 10 power.  It can not be purchased from the village shoppe however.

[2] Expert Paddle            Can be crafted by the blacksmith or purchased from the village shoppe.

[3] Rustic Paddle             Can be crafted by the blacksmith or purchased at the village shoppe but if purchased from the village shoppe it has a quality of 1.

[4] Rookie Paddle               Can only be acquired by playing (or practicing) your first game of kingball.

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