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A quest in which any Hero Sim can take the place of the Monarch Sim.

Were monarchs allowed a day off? Not really but one could always disguise a day off as an official kingdom whaling voyage! Of course someone would have to take on the royal responsibilities while the monarch was away.

This quest costs 3 Quest Points. Any Sim is eligable for the quest except the Monarch. Quest Rewards are in the table below.
King For A Day

A Knight Sim filling in for the Monarch Sim.

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This article contains information about the game that players may wish to discover themselves.

The storyline takes you through several odd instances that require a Monarch's attention. The first of these events is a bunch of stinky cheese on the ship. Every hero has a different way of dealing with this problem. So far, it has been determined:

  • The Knight and Spy try to wrap the cheese in meat and feed it to the Pit Beast.
    Knight Destroys Cheese

    The Knight throwing meat wrapped stinky cheese into the pit.

  • The Blacksmith tries to make a cage for the cheese and send it to a watery grave.
  • The Wizard has someone hold the cheese so he/she can destroy it with a spell.
  • The Bard goes to brew a very strong beverage to dissolve the cheese.
  • The Peteran Priest simply walks in and picks up the cheese, and invokes the Watcher's powers to cleanse it.
  • The Jacoban Priest simply drops it down the town well, planning to use it as a chance to teach the townsfolk of the Watcher's vengance
  • The Physician uses leeches to remove a majority of the mold and then burns the rest in a fireplace.
  • The Merchant sells the cheese in the village as a "gormet" cheese.

The second part of the quest can be done before the first and is available upon learning the whereabouts of the stinky cheese. Aparantly the town crier has been spreading rumors about you behind your back. You confront him and get a choice: Friendship or Violence.

The third part of the quest is a disturbance at the castle, where a whole bunch of commoners show up and throw a party. You get a choice: Stop the Party or Join the Party. Whether you choose to join or stop the party, the Monarch won't seem to care.

The fourth part of the quest is getting the Monarch a present for when they return. You get a choice: Get a Gift or Don't Get a Gift. If you choose to get the Monarch a gift you can go to the Village Shoppe and buy one. Don't buy just anything, there will be something labelled: "Homecoming Gift." Buy that. If you choose not to get the Monarch a gift, I have no idea what will happen.

When the Monarch gets back you tell him all the stuff you did. Quest over.

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