In The Sims Medieval, Sims can carry items in their inventory.

There are also special container objects which have inventories of their own which can be accessed by all or certain Heroes, allowing items to be moved to and from the Hero's personal inventory. These include:

  • The Larder (Wooden Larder or Froststone Larder), which holds food and food ingredients, accessible by all Heroes.
  • Each crafting table has its own inventory where corresponding crafting materials, as well as finished products, can be stored. For example: the smithy can hold ore, swords, and armor crafted by the smith. Other Hero Sims can collect them later without paying.
  • The market stalls for the Market and the Smithy, accessible by the Merchant and the Blacksmith respectively.
  • The Cargo Hold of the Ship at the Docks which is only accessible by the Merchant
  • Child's inventory for children of the Hero in the active household. (If both the child's parents are Heroes and are not married, only the mother who has the child as active household member will be able to access the child's inventory)

Item Categorization by FunctionEdit

  • Equipment - these items have the "equip" interaction. A large number of equipment can be crafted by the Blacksmith.
    • Swords - Used in duels. Can be sharpened. Have Attack and Weight properties.
    • Armor - Used in duels. Have Defense and Weight properties.
    • Staves - Used by the Wizard hero. (function:affect spell casting? success chance? energy usage?) Have Power property.
    • Hammers - Used by the Blacksmith hero in forging. Have Power property.
    • Paddles - Used to play Kingball at the Kingball Court. Have Power property.
    • Lutes - Used by the bard to preform or to practice. Have a Tone quality.
  • Food - Can be eaten to restore the hunger motive. Have an inherent quality that can grant various buffs. Large food items have multiple servings and can generate smaller food items via "grab a plate" interaction. Most (if not all) are created by cooking.
  • Potions and Salves - Can be consumed for various special effects. Potions and Salves can be crafted by the Physician, the Wizard and the Spy. Many Potions from the spy are actually poisons. Consuming them bestows their negative effect on the user. The spy can use these other people by creating poisoned food.
  • Special - Special items with special interactions. E.g. the Fiddle can be used to play songs.
  • Others - These are items with no special interactions, but can have various game influence, such as allowing certain interactions on other objects, or used as ingredients in crafting.
  • Themes - These are pseudo items which represents inspirations that the Bard has gathered, and are used to compose poems or plays. They appear in inventory as normal items, but cannot be traded.
  • Quest Item - These are special items which are essential to quests. They can belong to one of the other categories, but cannot be removed via ordinary means from the inventory (They are displayed with a border of dotted line).

Other Categories for ItemsEdit

  • Harvestable Items which can be harvested from special sources in the Kingdom.
  • Trade Items which can be gained from trading with foreign territories.

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