But movements could be dangerous. It took only the slightest nudge for people to trade demonstration and discussion for violence-- to go from a group of concerned citizens to a mob. This revolt would have to be dealt with before it became a threat.

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"My rule must not be challanged."


Photo of Monarch with Hamfast.

It's come to your attention that there is a concerned citizen causeing a ruckus in the town square, a woman by the name of Hamfast. Head there to see what the hubub is about. Ask Hamfast about her protest. She says they are protesting about general conditions of living in the village. Seek the advice of your advisor. They reccommend you check it out. Head to the village via the path by clicking on the signpost and selecting assess condition. You find the conditions to be deplorable You are presented with a choice: Do something about the village (Good) or strategically reduce the population of the villagers (evil).

The Good PathEdit

You chose to help the village with their issues by getting to work! Or probably just throwing money at the problem. Speak with Hamfast about the improvements that need to be made. Then head home and order some food from your servent. Hamfast will be waiting for you. Discuss the plans and she offers three things that need to be fixed. There's the broken well, the rampant vermin, and lastly a food shortage.

Answer the questions posed one at a time. You can either hire a rat exterminator (§50) or do it yourself, cook for the whole village yourself or pay for more to be shipped in (§20), and either fix the well yourself or pay someone else to do it (§100). If you chose to have any of the above contracted out, you will have to ask your advisor for the name of a professional and then pay the advisor for the services to be done. Make sure you've got the money to do it before you pay for it, of course.

If you chose to do any of the work yourself, you will have to do so by Cooking 5 individual searvings of gruel and putting them in your inventory, Kill the rats by choosing the action on the village sign, investigate the well, draw water from it, and then fix the well in the village by means of the sign again. Once these are all completed, or paid for, discuss the changes with Hamfast for your quest to end.

The Evil PathEdit

If you choose to go the evil route, there are two paths to take as well. Discuss the villagers with your royal advisor, and you can either make a deal with your compatriot in Crafthole or a slightly longer route using your arrogance.

If you ask for help, Discuss your new deal with the Smithmaster of Crafthole, then order Hamfast to Crafthole. She refuses? Banish another protester to Crafthole and send Hamfast to the stocks. Humiliate her by throwing either an egg or a tomato at her. Once you've had your jollies, release her and give her an ultimatum. Still refusing to budge? Then be a martyr. Send her to the pit.

If you chose to take your time on it, Practice your military strategy on the table, go for a hunt in the forest, and play cards at the game table for at least an hour. Head to the town square. Head back to the castle and summon a servent for food and eat. Then get 5 servings of gruel (Have a servent cook them or make them yourself) and put them into your inventory. Give a serving to each Hamfast, your servent, the Smithmaster of Crafthole, the Merchant of Tredony, and your advisor. Return to the town square, taunt Hamfast, and watch Hamfast die.

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