Quest description:

A recent law was drawing particular ire from the peasents. One, by the name of Hamfast, was publicly refusing to eat until the law was changed. Others in (Kingdom name) were beginning to take notice. A movement was forming...

A solo quest for Monarchs, Physicians, and Bards encompassing the premise of a peasent named Hamfast on a hunger strike, for better living condictions in the Villiage. 

Deal with the Peasants! Edit

"My rule must not be challanged."


Photo of Monarch with Hamfast.

It's come to your attention that there is a concerned citizen causeing a ruckus in the town square, a woman by the name of Hamfast. Head there to see what the hubub is about. Ask Hamfast about her protest. She says they are protesting about general conditions of living in the village. Seek the advice of your advisor. They reccommend you check it out. Head to the village via the path by clicking on the signpost and selecting assess condition. You find the conditions to be deplorable You are presented with a choice: Do something about the village (Good) or strategically reduce the population of the villagers (evil).

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