Golems Gone Wild

Golems Gone Wild Quest selection

The tinkerers from Ticktop had sent an urgent plea for help to <KINGDOM> their Golem creations had gone wild! These normally stoic sentries had been rampaging through the countryside, crashing into peasant homes and dancing wantonly.

Without help, the territory would be without its guardians and the peasants would be without sleep!

Golems Gone Wild is an Annexation Quest. This Quest will appear after you Ally with Ticktop. It costs 3 quest points. There is only one approach: Fight Golems with Golems.

NOTE: This is a 2 person quest.


Main Hero: Blacksmith

Secondary Hero: Wizard

Location: Barracks

The quest if completed sucessfully it will add 3 Knowledge and remove 1 Culture from your Kingdom.

Once you complete the quest Ticktop is Annexed with full positive kingdom loyalty.

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