The army of Golems in the Golems Gone Wild quest.

Golems are robots from Ticktop created to do most of the work while the people are busy inventing.They appear to be of similar design to the Simbots from The Sims:Ambitions,yet chunkier.

In Jewish mythology,Golems were huge men made out of mud,that were controlled by scrolls placed inside their head.

When doing the "Golems Gone Wild " quest your wizard will learn the "Golemify" spell which has the combination of light, force and energy. This turns the target into a Golem if they have the Golem Disguise Prototype in their inventory which can be crafted by the Smith. The sim will do everything he/she normally does. The disguise will count as everyday clothes, and your sim can put them on or take them off whenever he/she wants to. All the spell does is forcing the target to put on the disguise. after a period of 5 hours the Golems will put on their normal clothes again. The suit does not count as armor.

A number of real Golems (as opposed to the Golem disguises in the Golems Gone Wild quest) will join the Kingdom as NPCs if the peaceful approach is chosen.

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