The Quest Famine Fever has two available methods: "Feed Them," which requires the hero Merchant (and the Monarch in the supporting role) and "Martial Law" which requires the hero Monarch. Both approaches require the Reception Hall.

Feed Them Edit

After obtaining the bloomers from the royal advisor, go to the docks and click on the ship, selecting "Open Cargo Hold," and drag the 100 bloomers into the cargo hold inventory. They will be in two stacks since no more than 99 objects can be in a stack. To drag an entire stack rather than an individual item, click and drag from the number in the lower right corner of the item rather than the item picture itself. After exiting the cargo hold, click on the ship again and select "Sail to Trade," selecting Tredony on the map as your trade destination. The 100 bloomers in the cargo hold will be replaced with 100 Barley. Open the ships cargo hold again to drag the barley into the Merchant's inventory.

Get the Peasants Buzzed Edit

"I suppose I'd be cranky if I wasn't able to have a good beer now and then."

Reward: 50 XP

Enter the Reception Hall (this can be accomplished by entering Watcher Mode, hotkey "M," and clicking on the Reception Hall and selecting "Enter"). The three peasants will travel there of their own accord. Brew (cost: 50 simoles) at one of the casks (there are two as standard furnishing in the Reception Hall). When the task is complete, the peasants will come take a drink of their own accord, eliminating the quest marker above their head when they do. When all three peasants have gotten a drink, the quest will be complete.

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