Energy Potion


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For getting back your get-up-and-go when it got up and went.


Instantly restores moderate amount of energy

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"For getting back your get-up-and-go when it got up and went."


The Energy Potion is a consumable item in The Sims Medieval.

When consumed, the potion instantly restores moderate mount of energy. There is also cooldown period after consuming the potion, which prevents more than 1 of the potion at once.

The Energy Potion is one of the two known items which can instantly restores energy, the other being the Crafthole Energy Potion. Although Crafthole Energy Potion is weaker than Energy Potion and has a negative side effect, it is available right at the start of a Kingdom, while Energy Potion is only available after annexing Effenmont. They also have independent cooldown timers (which allows the consumption of one Crafthole Energy Potion and one Energy Potion together)



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