Monarch Sleeping

Monarch sleeping.


Energy is a one of the two motives (the other being Hunger) medieval Hero's have. It indicates their need for rest. Throughout the day, a Hero's Energy will fall at a steady rate until they begin to get Sleepy. Priests and Wizards can spend some of their Energy to cast spells and use miraculous powers.

How to Restore Energy

  • Sleeping - Energy may be restored by sleeping or napping in a Bed, on a bench, in a tent or by passing out on to the ground. Your sim can also "Sleep in the Forest" or "Sleep at Village Inn" for a small fee.
  • Potions - Energy can also be instantly restored by drinking either the Crafthole Energy Potion or the more powerful Energy Potion.
  • Meditate - only Wizards can use "Meditate" to restore their energy, anywhere at anytime.

Buffs and Debuffs

Heroes who continue to not rest will eventually become Tired (-30 Focus). Eventually, a Hero who hasn't rested will become Exhausted (-50 Focus) and start to randomly pass out.

Random Events - Dreams

While sleeping, Random Events can occur that require you to make choices on how to "continue your dream". These events can provide positive or negative buffs to your sim.