Dangerous Minds is a quest available when a kingdom has a high Knowledge value. It costs 3 Quest Points to attempt and has 2 approaches: Encourage and Shut It Down. As of patch 1.3, both approaches of the quest are bugged, and cheats must be used to skip the bugged steps.

Shut It DownEdit

The objective of this approach is to take the spy and find a way to end the lessons.

Spoiler Here

The monarch doesn't approve of some one teaching is in the kingdom so the monarch and spy plot to destroy the teacher. They start by destroy the teacher's clothes and burning down the house. One of the paths leads the spy to lure the teacher to get mauled by a savage wolf. Rumors get spread if children open a book at midnight they would hear the teacher getting mauled.

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As result, the Security of the kingdom improves but Knowledge declines.


In this approach, the monarch desires to further the education of the kingdom. If successful, the kingdom will improve its Knowledge aspect and possibly Well-Being

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