The Sims Medieval is a spin-off of the The Sims series which runs on The Sims 3's game engine. This is a list of differences and similarities between the two.


  • Plumbobs
  • Pie-menu
  • CAS (Create A Sim)
  • Building a "neighborhood" (in this case, a kingdom)
  • Moodlets (The Sims 3 Moodlets are referred to as buffs, however.)
  • Traits (The Sims 3)
  • Opportunities (The Sims 3) will return as quests, (however you can't ignore quests in the Sims Medieval)


  • Time placement (Modern period in The Sims, Medieval in The Sims Medieval)
  • Type of game (Sims Medieval is a RPG , while the Sims 1,2,and 3 are sandbox games)

Lost FeaturesEdit

  • Being able to build things from the ground up
  • Being able to get a new job

New FeaturesEdit

  • Duels
  • Fatal Flaws
  • The Pit Beast
  • Executions
  • New Clothes
  • Children NEVER grow up
  • New Food Choices
  • Daily Responsibilities (to the Kingdom)
  • New jobs for the medieval setting such as monarch, knight, bard, etc.
  • There are religions in the Sims Medieval and they are Jacobans (they believe the Watcher is harsh and vengeful) and Peterans (they believe the Watcher is kind and forgiving)

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