"The Clinic is a building devoted to healing and the pursuit of worldly science. If you have a cold, a wound suffered from the field of battle, or the plague, this is the place to go. Just be mindful of the leeches; rather sensitives fellows they are."

The Clinic

The is the Clinic from the Outside

The Clinic is the place where sick and injured Sims go for healing and mending. The second floor of the building also serves as a home for the Physician.

The first floor is split into two areas; a waiting room with benches, books, and an archive for the physician to do research at, and an operating room that houses the physician's medicine crafting table and operating table.

Outside of the clinic is a small garden that contains various plants the physician needs to brew tonics and salves.

Placing a Clinic in your kingdom increases its capacity for Well-Being by 4.

List of Plants at the Clinic GardenEdit


The academy with the clinic on the right.

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