Child Duel

Child succession is when the child of a hero sim takes their professional parents place. This is the only way a child can grow up, and can only happen if the professional sim dies, as there is no "retiring" in The Sims Medieval.

If the professional sim had a spouse living with them, the spouse will move out, and move back to wherever they were previously living. If any child siblings were living within the home of the grown child, they will go live with the spouse.

Child Succession was added in the game update 1.3

If a Hero Sim has died in the kingdom you can click on their home and either choose 1 of 4 options, create a new one from scratch, select a premade male or female sim, or choose their child. If your Hero Sim has more then one child, you can choose which child you want to replace the sim.

You cannot change the physical appearance of child sims, but you can change their hair and clothing.


  • The child sim will start at level 2, not level 1, but you can't choose their traits and fatal flaws (unless you use cheats to change fatal flaws).

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