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Brave New World is a quest in which a Hero desires to found their own kingdom. It is only available to kingdoms that have already completed their ambition, and hence it costs zero quest points to undertake. Any hero can be chosen to do this quest.

Upon completion, the Hero will permanently leave their current kingdom, leaving a vacancy. When starting a new kingdom, the player may select this Hero as Monarch, but this can only be done once. After the Hero becomes a Monarch, the same Hero may not become Monarch in any other Kingdom, even if the save is deleted. They may go to a new kingdom after completion of the ambition and doing Brave New World again, however. Sims transferred in this way bring only their equipped items (and in patch 1.3 or higher, their profession interactions) to their new home. A Wizard turned Monarch may equip one of every type of gear, making them ideal for transferring items in between kingdoms.

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