Bloodthirsty icon Watch out! Bloodthirsty Sims are always looking for a fight, and will never back down from a challenge.

Bloodthirsty is one of the Fatal Flaws featured in The Sims Medieval. It conflicts with Good.

  • Your Sim will easily get into fights with other Sims
  • Your Sim will always be in a better mood after fighting.
  • Best for Sims that engage in combat.

Sims who possess the Bloodthirsty trait gain a higher focus reward from combat. If the Sim goes too long without a fight they will be "Looking For a Fight" resulting in a -15 focus penalty.

"Fist Fight" and "Expound Upon Violence" are examples of Bloodthristy interactions.

Fist Fight

A Knight Sim getting into a fist fight with a Guard Sim. The symbol over the Knight's head is the "Looking For a Fight" symbol.


Bloodthirsty is a dangerous Fatal Flaw. If you're not controlling your Sim, they may antonomously start beating up other Sims, this is bad because the Constable may come to arrest you. While your sim is waiting for Constable to come, your sim will get the negative buff Marked for Arrest! However, with a tight leash, the Knight, Monarch, and Spy, can all handle the Bloodthirsty fairly easily, as the blood thirst can be quenched by sword fights and sparring as well. Any other Hero Sim may have trouble. Being in fistfights can also cause your sim to be marked for arrest and sent to the stocks.

Sims bloodthirsty trait

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