Monarch Sleeping

A Monarch sleeping in a bed

Beds are a type of furniture which allow Sims to restore their energy, although it can alternatively be restored with potions or meditation, the latter only being available to wizards. All beds function the same way, but they vary in the quality of their effect and whether they allow two or one occupants.

As well as classic beds, there are four tents that act as outdoor beds. There are not as many interactions available with tents.


Beds have a number of sleep-related interactions: "nap", "daydream", and "sleep until Well-Rested". Naps take a short amount of time and restore only a small amount of energy, but grant a Sim a temporary positive buff. Commanding a Sim to sleep until they are well-rested will make them sleep until their energy bar is almost completely full, and possibly a little longer afterwards. The actual "Well-Rested" buff does not need to be granted to a Sim for them to wake up autonomously.

If Sims are lying on a bed and a romantic interest is nearby, they have the option to invite that Sim to join them on the bed. This changes the interactions with the other Sim to more intimate gestures: holding hands, cuddling, making out and woohoo. Beds are thus necessary for Sims to have children.

After sleeping in a bed, the sheets will no longer be straight and orderly. Sims may autonomously decide or can be commanded to "make bed", returning it to its former look.


The quality of the "Well-Rested" buff depends on the bed; more expensive beds generally (but do not always) provide a better buff. A bed's quality can be seen on its card when hovering over it in Furnish Mode. The cheaper beds will only provide a small buff of +5, but beds can provide anything up to +30, and in either case this buff will last for a significant part of a Sim's day. (Its length is dependent on how fast a Sim's energy bar decreases.) The Well-Rested buff is not offered by potions or by meditating, making beds an attractive option even for Sims that have these other options.

List of BedsEdit


Only Double beds can be used for private Woohoo.
For all tents have a stat of Stress Relief: 3
The Well rested is labeled in-game in the top right of the item window and is denoted simply by +, ++, +++ rather than a valued amount.
Well Rested is a positive buff that can be gained from sleeping. For a + bed this is a bonus of + 5 focus.

Name Type Energy Environment Well Rested Cost
'Straps n' Scraps' Scavenged Bed Single +1 0 + §220
Rope Bed Single +1 0 + §345
Clodwood Craftsman Bed Single +1 0 + §350
Churlwood Farm Bed Single +1 0 + §375
'Straps n' Scraps' Double Bed Double +1 0 + §450
'Oaken Dreams' Solo Sleeper Single +2 +1 + §550
Guest bed with Seljaq Minarettes Single +2 +1 + §600
Rokhath Bed With Crenellation Single +2 +1 + §645
Effenmont's Singular Repose Single +3 +2 + §750
Wiccenculta Bed Single +3 +2 + §795
Round Harlequin Field Tent Tent +4 0 + §800
Golden Pyramidal Field Tent Tent +4 0 + §855
Royal Virgin Fete Tent Tent +4 0 + §950
Bardwise Beryl Bivouac Tent +4 0 + §985
'Oaken Dreams' By Rustic Impressions Double +4 +2 ++ §1100
Rokhrath Crenellated Marriage Bed Double +4 +2 ++ §1300
Queen Valeria 'Bantam' Bed Single +5 +3 ++ §1350
'Golden Princess' Semi-Grand Solo Canopy Bed Single +5 +3 ++ §1415
Wiccenculta "Lil' Majesty" Bed Single +5 +3 ++ §1525
Effenmont's Repose Double +5 +3 ++ §1550
The Granite Grandee Double +5 +3 ++ §1600
Bolstered Basalt Sleep Berm Single +7 +4 ++ §1750
Adamantine Dream Berth of Solitude Single +7 +4 ++ §1795
Phickle-Phyee Bed with Gilded Champlombs Single +8 +4 +++ §1820
Queen Valeria 'Gran Dormita' Four-Posted Bed Double +9 +5 +++ §2775
Queen Valeria 'Hypno-Dormita' Canopy Bed Double +9 +5 +++ §2850
Wiccenculta "Double Majesty" Bed Double +9 +5 +++ §3050
The Fortress of Dreams Double +8 +6 +++ §3575
Warbed of Lord Kristofer, "The Lion of Somnolence" Double +8 +6 +++ §3600

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