This is the Barracks in Kingdom Mode

The Barracks houses the military arm of the kingdom, and together with the Training Yard - which also comes with the Barracks - provides a place for knights and other men-at-arms to train and hone their skills...

The Barracks are the headquarters of the kingdom's military and the home of the kingdom's Knight.

The Interior

The first floor consists of a small entrance hall and the living quarters of the knight, which contains a small bed, a fireplace, a desk, and a bookshelf.

The second floor is a large open area used for training and strategizing. The room contains a pair of training dummies, one armored and one not, and a tactical map for practicing military maneuvres

Barracks Upstairs

The interior of the upper level of the Barracks.

Aspects and Extras

Placing the Barracks in your kingdom increases its capacity for Security by 4.

Together with the Barracks comes the Training Yard .(see page for more details)


The Barracks is on the Right side of The Castle and it's only inhabitants are the Knights and The Monarch might make an appearance to strategize. It is located near the Forest possibly to keep an eye on the gates there, since the Forest leads from most of the Terretories to your Kingdom.

A distant view of the Barracks.