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Bards devote their lives to the arts and although the may may be poor, it's rich in personal fulfillment.
The Bard is one of the ten classes of Hero Sims. A Bard is the cultural steward of the Kingdom: a playwright, poet, and musician rolled into one. The bard lives in the upper floor of the Tavern.

It's possible, but unconfirmed, that bards are more susceptible to the negative "Feeling Unrefined" buff from living in a kingdom with low value in Culture.


Bards carry Lutes and are skilled at playing songs on them. There is a wide variety of songs available, some only being unlocked for experienced bards, but even a simple song tends to please other Sims. Performing well in public will earn the bard money, although they earn less money for performances back-to-back; a "cooldown" period is enforced through a neutral buff.

The strings of lutes, especially cheap ones, are prone to breaking after (or sometimes during) performances. A broken lute can not be played, but any bard can restring their lute for a small amount of simoles. Lutes can be bought at the Village Shoppe, some available only when certain Aspects are high enough, or found through random events.

See - List of Lutes for more information, quality and images.

Plays and Poems

Bards can write plays and poems at their writing desk. To pen new pieces, a bard needs to have ideas, or themes, to work with. Bards collect themes by gathering inspiration from the world around them or by asking other Sims for inspiration directly. Besides themes, a play allows the Bard to choose the costumes of the players. Once written, poems can be recited out loud and plays can be performed on a stage, once actors and/or actresses have been hired. Plays may only be performed once, while poems can be recited an infinite amount of times.

Each type of poem or play requires a different amount of themes.

  • Regular Poems require 2 themes.
  • Comedic Plays require 3 themes.
  • Epic Poems require 3 themes.
  • Tragic Plays require 4 themes.
  • Legendary Plays require 5 themes.

List of Themes

Icon Themes Sources
Animals and Hunting Theme Animals and Hunting The Forest Path
Art Theme Art The Tavern
Crime Theme Crime The Judgement Zone, the Cave/Cemetery
Food and Drink Theme Food and Drink The Tavern
Foreign Lands Theme Foreign Lands The Docks
Kingdom and Royalty Theme Kingdom and Royalty The Castle, the Monarch
Love Theme Love Anywhere, especially churches.
Magic Theme Magic The Wizard, The Wizard's Tower
Money Theme Money The Merchant, The Market
Nature Theme Nature Anywhere outside
Sickness and Death Theme Sickness and Death The Physician, The Graveyard, The Judgement Zone
Sky and Stars Theme Sky and Stars Anywhere outside, especially at night.
Sport Theme Sport The Kingball Court
War Theme
War The Smithy, Sometimes from the Monarch, Spy Quarters
The Watcher Theme The Watcher The Cathedral and Monastery, Jacoban and Peteran priests


  • Epic Poem- may be written using themes: Food and Drink, War, Kingdom and Royalty (writing an Epic Poem is an achievement worth 10 achievement points)


  • Be Inspired by 3 People (Easy)
  • Finish Writing a Play [level 1 to 9 Bards] (Easy)
  • Gather Inspiration for 2 Hours (Easy)
  • Pay Taxes (Easy)
  • Perform a Lute Song (Easy)
  • Perform a Poem (Easy)
  • Practice Lute for 2 Hours (Easy)
  • Write 2 Poems (Easy)
  • Finish Writing a Legendary Play [level 10 Bards] (Medium)
  • Perform On Board the Ship [Pirates & Nobles] (Easy)
  • Write a War Poem [War + Foreign Lands themes for Pirates, War + Kingdom and Royalty for Guildsmen], followed by Read Poem to a Pirate|Guildsman [Pirates & Nobles] (Medium)


Level Title Abilities Notes
1 Troubadour
  • Perform songs on the Lute to raise the spirits of nearby Sims, and raise a little bit of cash on the side.
  • Compose Poems and Plays at your Archives and then perform them on the Stage!
  • Can perform the songs "Crafthole My Home 'Tis Thee!", "Ne'er To Woohoo Again", and "The Jig Of Gentleman Jim"
  • You can perform songs on the Lute to raise the spirits of nearby Sims, and raise a little bit o cash on the side
  • You can compose Poems and Plays at your Archives and then perform them on the Stage.
  • New songs unlocked ("Away With Thee, Golem, Away" and "Gettin' Medieval")
  • New songs unlocked ("Lament For Mortimer" and "Round the Kingball Court We Go")
  • New songs unlocked ("Chartreusesleeves")
5 Minstrel
  • Can create Tragic Plays and Epic Poems
  • New songs unlocked ("Ballad Of Sir Geoffrey")
  • New songs unlocked ("Chinchilla Chanson")
  • New songs unlocked ("Shall We Tramp To The Stocks?")
  • New songs unlocked ("A Hazy Shade Of Nightshade")
  • New songs unlocked ("Take Unto Me The Hunter")
10 Rhapsodist
  • Can write Legendary Plays
  • New songs unlocked ("Winsome Whale Hearken To My Call")
Bonus Levels
  • Further leveling will increase money/day and improve profession interaction success

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