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This quest is focused on providing a tutorial on how to play The Sims: Medieval. It is generally rather straight-forward, with the few choices you make in the quests progression causing very little variation in the quest.

You will be told to Gussy Up in the Mirror Upstairs. This is a self-explanatory action, with the mirror being in the room to your left. Click on the mirror to select the Gussy Up option.

After doing this, your Monarch will talk about Focus, and how it relates to quest completion. He will then suggest that you talk to the Build Master of your Kingdom. It is not necessary to do so immediately, and it is actually recommended to spend a little bit of time, even if it is just a couple of hours, to work on getting a high Focus so that you can earn Platinum (blitzing through quests will rarely get you Platinum, so do not spend all of your time completing the tasks.) Now would be a good time to also experiment with Focus: What provides your Sim with a good focus? Examples of actions to take would be to see what kind of a drunk they are (Happy, Mean or Sad), hunting to find meats for higher quality foods, attempting actions outlined under their Traits that would provide other positives, etc.

When you are done improving your Focus, speak to your Build Master. Choose the option Discuss The Castle after clicking on the Build Master, and he will tell you that you need to collect resources. First step is to go to the Woods. Once your Monarch has reached the Woods, you will be told to find and collect some Wildflowers. Click on the shrubs around until you find one that has the option to "Discover". When you have Discovered some flowers, click to harvest on them. This will provide Wildflowers, which will be used later in the quest, Grassweed, which is used as a minor ingredient in various potions and posions, and seeds, which can be used to provide your character with an alternative food to gruel.

After you pick the flowers, a bandit will appear in the forest and threaten your monarch. You will be required to challenge the bandit to a Duel. The quest will then provide information about combat in the game. Make sure your Focus is high to ensure you come out on top in all duels (though it is unlikely that you will fail this duel, regardless.)

Once the bandit has been defeated, your Monarch will finally decide to collect some wood from the forest. Click on the sign just outside the woods, and select the option to Collect Wood.

(To Be Continued)

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